The DeCesares

Meet the DeCesares. Adventurous to the core, Greg and Jenn vacationed in Iceland before it was cool. When asked, along with their sons AJ and Nick, what was their favorite family color, they answered: “green! no blue! no gold! no something shiny!”

They have two chocolate labs, Jackson and Jonah, Charlie and Franklin the cats, plus Tiny the Angel Fish and Oreo the sailfish. There will be a quiz later.

Their favorite family vacation was the trip to Sanibel Island, FL where they collected sea glass and sea shells, it was 80 and sunny… there were flamingos… and catching lizards… and the pool on the way to the beach……….

And we’re back. They love the water! Greg can often be found tending his lobster pots on their boat the Rose Corey, and AJ and Nick are experts at baiting and banding.

They eat dinner together every night, each in their assigned place, and when all is right in the world are either eating tacos, spaghetti and meatballs, or bacon. Which is impressive given the high nutritional standards at the Decesare house.

AJ and Nick love football, scootering, gum and candy. They also love cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning up their toys, and going to school. Wait, I think that was part of the “what are your household chores” question. Anyway. Jenn loves to cook and watching the kids having a good time. Greg loves his garage time.

Jenn works at Martinson Elementary with kids with Autism, and Greg is bivocational: working as a commercial fisherman and doing environmental analysis and wetlands protection for the state. He doesn’t have a badge. I asked.

They love “everything” about Sanctuary. More specifically the laid back nature, the sense of belonging, friends, art projects, preaching from the Bible, that no one is excluded… oh yeah, and the bread!

When not at Sanctuary you might find them up at their own slice of heaven, “Camp Nopowa”, in Maine where they keep busy fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking or building outhouses.

Quiz time!

- What are the names of the DeCesares two chocolate labs? _______ and _______
- How many cats do the DeCesares have? _______
- Which kind of fish is named after a cookie? _______

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