Sarah Huber

Sarah is our Creative Director here at Sanctuary. Advocate for the introvert community. Musician extraordinaire. She once performed Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with a bottle chorus.

Sarah plays all manner of instruments, but her heart still lies with her trusty violin, Naomi. A classically trained violinist, she now mostly turns her stringed instruments sideways and rocks out on them to great effect. She picked up a guitar in high school and never looked back. Well, except when she was picking up the mandolin. Or piano. Or ukulele. Or harmonica. In fact, she has a Masters of Arts in Church Music degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary; a.k.a. she has some mad organ skills. Well, they might be a bit rusty these days.

She is also the music teacher for Pudding Hill, and teaches dozens of students privately and through her Music Together classes. Sarah has an extraordinary ability to listen, and occasionally even gets the chance to impart other important life lessons like how to blow one’s nose and which ninja turtle is which.

Speaking of patience, she has been married to her husband, Mark, for almost six years and has been a part of Sanctuary since the beginning. Her favorite thing about this place is the community, that you can truly be yourself, and how many amazing people she has been privileged to know because of her work here.

An avid lover of the outdoors, she is always looking for time to go geocaching or take her three year old puppy, Graham, on a walk. She and Mark are currently on a quest to play mini-golf on every continent and in every state. Ask her about the golf scene in Nairobi sometime.

Oh yeah, and they’re having a baby in November…

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