Rich Noyes

Rich Noyes. Where to begin? Videographer extraordinaire. Father. Husband. Dog wrangler. But did you know he’s laid down most of the tracks for an original album with a yet unknown release date?

In addition to playing with the Sanctuary bands and being an accomplished musician, he’s also a supporter of the arts. The Noyes’ once had 150 people and three bands crammed into their backyard for an epic summer bash. If you’ve seen their backyard, you know that’s truly impressive. And Rich insists they’re planning to do it again. 

Rich loves that Sanctuary constantly challenges him to go outside his comfort zone. He looks forward each week to Sunday afternoons with 456 (our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade youth group) which he co-leads with his wife Judy. One of his favorite 456 moments is the night they created an amazing live action version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Words can’t do it justice.

When not at Sanctuary you can find Rich shooting time-lapse photos of the Milky Way or admiring his puppy’s artistic furniture damage.

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