Quinn Peter Capraro

A true gentleman and scholar, Quinn has been known to enjoy sleeping, eating, and music. In no particular order. 

Since acquiring his license last year, Quinn has become an avid runner of parental errands as well as reliable chauffeur of brothers. His parent’s think that’s awesome. Quinn thinks that’s… awesome. 

He’s into Mexican fried barbecue, acoustic metalcore poppunk, and other lists of three things that sound totally random but amazing when combined. If you have no idea what any of that means you’re probably not a teenager. When asked what he loves about Sanctuary he responded “it’s a great community like school, but without the work” and “there’s always a 50/50 chance of a life or death situation”. ***Editors note: no actual life or death situations have occurred to the best knowledge of the Sanctuary staff, Leadership Team, or community at large.***

When not driving siblings around the South Shore, Quinn can be found rocking out at First Fridays with his band… [their name just changed and we seriously can’t keep up]… or hanging out with his two new kittens, Everest and Joy. 

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