Phyllis Pierson

Phyllis is one of the first people most of us met when we discovered Sanctuary, but did you know she’s originally from Hanover? Pennsylvania. Growing up she helped to plant, harvest, and run her grandparent’s roadside farm stand and that work ethic has stuck with her ever since.

She learned to program computers, moved to New England, met her husband Tom working at State Street Bank and, unlike most of us, didn’t call it a day. Once their son Jeff was born she started an alterations business and worked for 9 years as a kindergarten teacher's aid, eventually moving on to work with kids as a tutor at Marshfield High. Again. Most of us would feel pretty accomplished at that point, but she kept going and rounded out her paid working life as an accountant. It took three people to replace her when she retired.

All the while Phyllis has devoted herself to making the world a better place. She’s volunteered with junior high youth groups, taken kids to Appalachia on service trips, and even lovingly helped build an outhouse on one such trip. You can occasionally find her wrangling 2.9 year olds at Pudding Hill, serving as Sanctuary’s representative on the Sowing Seeds Board of Directors, or tutoring ESL at the library.

Phyllis has painted most of the walls at Sanctuary at least once, and is often the first person to jump in and help with one of Mark’s crazy new projects. When not at Sanctuary you can find Phyllis hiking one of the national parks or down at Haddads with Tom for their standing Tuesday dinner date.

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