Melanie “Mel” Noyes

This is Mel. Mel loves dogs. She has two: Teddy and Scout. They are black labs. Her favorite is chocolate. Favorite candy, not lab. Milk chocolate to be precise. She might eat it during her favorite time at school: snack.

Mel is an artist extraordinaire. In fact, art is her best subject in school. Her most known artwork to date is her famous Funky Chicken collage.

Her favorite book is Stella by Starlight. She likes to read in bed but has only snuck a flashlight into bed to read once. And her mom knew about it.

Her favorite tool is a pair of scissors. She cuts paper. And hair. Well, only a little bit. That one time.

One of her favorite memories is that time the family got into someone else's car and didn’t realize it. Well, they eventually realized it. And got out real quick.

She longs to someday zip line. Like not now. But not never.

Mel aspires to someday be an interior designer. In fact, if you’re looking for an amateur but inventive kitchen designer you’ve found your girl. Her dream celebrity kitchen to design would be Adele’s. It would have nice granite or stone counters.

Her favorite kitchen appliance is the fridge. It has the snacks. And chocolate ice cream. See things coming full circle?

She can’t eat gummy bears because her mom is a hygienist. When asked, "who’s your favorite sister?," she responded, “Huh. I don’t have one.” When glared at by her mother she continued, “I mean, how can you pick favorites?”

She longs for a day when her bedroom door isn’t made out of glass. Her favorite holiday is Easter. And one of her favorite Sanctuary moments has been when she was on the Ground Level Mix Tap: Volume 2.

When not at Sanctuary you can find Mel designing kitchens, diligently practicing the piano, or longing for a gummy bear. Just one. Is that too much to ask?

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