• Meal Packaging
  • Meal Packaging


    In 2011, with a recession in full swing, several people gathered together to look for a way to make a difference towards ending food insecurity in our communities. Partnering with Outreach, Inc. (facebook.com/EndHungerNE) Sanctuary hosted our first meal packaging event, bringing together over 300 people to package nutrious, high-quality meals to distribute through local food pantries. Since that first meal pacakging we've gathered together over a thousand volunteers from a variety of community organizations to continue stocking the shelves.

    Our next packaging event will be part of Sanctuary's Make an Impact Sunday. On May 28th, 2017, we will be making an impact on our greater Marshfield community by participating in a number of service projects around town. We'll be sending folks out to clean up beaches, help out at the food pantry and Sowing Seeds (our clothing bank), and we'll also be packaging 18,000 meals. If you're interested in helping package meals or being involved in any of our other projects, let us know!

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  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Neighbor to Neighbor

    Neighbor to Neighbor provides meals to individuals and families in all types of situations: financial hardship, death in the family, illness or even a new baby!

    If your family, or a local family that you know, is in a situaion where it's challenging to put a dinner on the table, we want to help!

    We need individuals who can cook meals, deliver meals, organize events or generally help with the program. Contact us to refer a family or for more information on volunteer opportunities.

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