Matthew Martin

Matthew is a self-described “man of limited interests”: mainly spending time with family and feeding hungry people. If you’ve ever wondered what our meal packaging efforts are all about ask Matthew sometime. Since he began following his passion to address food insecurity in New England six years ago he has helped churches, civic organizations, and schools package 16 million meals for local families. You read that correctly. 16 Million.

He loves his kids' creativity and all the other “amazing qualities they get from their mother.” They help remind him everyday of his passion to inspire youth to do the thing God put them on this planet to do. He also loves to tackle “foolish, ill-advised and risky things” for the sake of making the world a better place.

What Matthew most appreciates about Sanctuary is the freedom it gives people to discover who they are and what they’re meant to share with the world. Men’s group, impromptu projects and, of course, meal packaging with family and friends are some of his favorite Sanctuary things.

When not packaging meals, hanging out with the family, or driving around in a giant cargo van you can find Matthew… no, he’ll definitely be doing one of those three things.

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