Linda Fargo-Hughes

Linda had a midlife crisis in her 40s and became a nun, found love, and now is a devoted football mom (though she fights the football mom part with every fiber of her being).

She is also an exceptional artist, working in a variety of media and sharing her skills as an art teacher at Brockton High School. She’s designed Dr Seussian murals, created theater sets, and transformed even the most mundane school cafeterias into magical places. She loves art because she “doesn’t know how to do anything else,” and insists being an artist isn’t what you do it’s who you are. As her wife, Nora, would say: “she changes technics like other people change their socks.” She loves helping young people believe that art can be their life, actively works to add beauty to the world, and believes art allows us to share in the creative power of God.

While it might not be considered "fine arts", Linda has also been known to wrangle the kids at our art tent during Day Camp in the summers. She ended up at Sanctuary after three years of driving past our Wednesday cookouts and thinking it might be fun to stop by sometime. She loves that you can come as you are and it’s ok. And that you can drink coffee during church.

When she's not at Sanctuary Linda can be found with Nora cheering on their son EJ from the sidelines, or spending quality time with oil paints and their two dogs Frankie and Hugo.

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