Laura O'Keefe

Meet Laura! Laura is arguably one of the friendliest conversationalists at Sanctuary. In fact, her kids might tell you that you’ve already talked to Laura. After church. In the parking lot. At grill nights. Before, during, or after Kid’s Time. She always has time for you and is always up for brightening someone’s day.

She was born in San Diego, then moved to St. Louis, before her family finally settled in Scituate. Something about having to live in places that start with S. She and her husband, Donald, lived in New Jersey for eight years, but the town didn’t start with an S so they made their way back North.

One of Laura's favorite memories growing up was when her FBI agent father came home one day from arresting a fugitive and had a kitten in his trench coat. She’s not positive it was a trench coat, but insists it makes a better story. Apparently Henrietta the cat had no one to love her after her owner was incarcerated, and FBI protocol is for the arresting agent to provide her a loving home…

If she had to choose between a book on the beach or hiking a mountain she would hike the mountain. Well, a small mountain. 20 years ago it would have been bigger. Of course, she would probably be dragging a kid along - or several - which would require beverages, snacks, a change of clothes, sunscreen, Stephen’s puppy toy, a hiking stroller, and earplugs to drown out the inevitable complaining from someone not properly prepared. Don’t worry, Donald always gets stuck with the back pack.

She doesn’t mind criss crossing the South Shore in her minivan. Especially since she’s “the world’s slowest driver” and would be “boring in a sports car.” She is a woman of adventure, however, braving her fear of heights as a Girl Scout leader to traverse a high ropes course. She wanted to show the girls they could do and be anything! And would never do it again.

A lifelong volunteer, her kids once bought her a mug that said: "Note to self: Stop volunteering for stuff.” Pre-minivan-full-of-kids she ran a marathon, qualified for Boston, and then watched the race from her hospital bed while delivering Michael.

She loves Sanctuary because of the great people who show her family how wonderful a church community can be. One of her favorite Sanctuary moments thus far has been Make An Impact Sunday. Her whole crew had a great day, and they were one of the last people to leave.

When not at Sanctuary you can find Laura dreaming of an hour of free time to walk down the beach minus backpacks and snacks and strollers and beverages and snacks and ki…

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