Larson Smith

Meet Larson. Larson has been a part of Sanctuary his entire life! He loves the color red, his brother Austin, and playing with cars. He’s always been a huge fan of music. He loves all kinds, but he’s personally responsible for half of the hits to our Sanctuary YouTube channel. In fact, he’s such a big supporter of music at Sanctuary that he hired the Sanctuary band to play his third birthday party. Yup, that’s a thing.

Larson’s not just a music connoisseur, he’s a performer too. His favorite instrument is the harmonica and he always has a Ukulele close at hand. This past summer he made his musical debut on stage at Luther Hall at Camp Calumet.

When not rocking out to the latest Sanctuary tunes Larson can be found swinging on the playground, impersonating Alfonso Ribeiro from American’s Funniest Home Videos, or chowing down on some mac and cheese.

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