Kelsey Moran

Kelsey. Lover of the color pink. Devourer of chocolate ice cream. Special education major. She also wanted to make sure to emphasize that she really does love school! In fact, right now she’s in a great English class that she mostly attends.

Kelsey was one of the original group to go on our Guatemala service trip three years ago and has been back every year since. Both through her volunteering in Guatemala and time around Sanctuary she’s discovered that the truly important things in life revolve around relationships. When her team last year wasn’t able to build stoves for every family that requested them, it was a comfort to know that the relationships made with those families won’t disappear and that we will continue to go back and care for each other in every way we can.

When she’s not enjoying the “good people, good music, and good coffee” at Sanctuary, she can be found competing with her dog Khloe for her mother’s attention or watching Netflix.

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