Katie McAlpine

Meet Katie. Well, you’ve probably already met, seeing as Katie wrangles our office and staff to keep us all productive.

Katie grew up in Hingham as at the youngest of eight, and the day her parents dropped her off at college they immediately moved away. When asked who her favorite sibling was, she said “they know who they are.”

She met her husband, Dan, at 14 at a church dance. They slow danced. In tie die. It was love at first sight. Incidentally, they still both wear tie die and listen to Phish.

When asked “what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done” she replied without hesitation “I don’t do crazy things.” A consummate rule follower who doesn’t like to try new things, she did veer away from the usually primary suspects to choose purple as her favorite color. When asked “what is your favorite vacation” she replied “I like all vacations.”

Katie’s favorite moments are when she's snuggling on the couch with the kids with a fire in the fireplace. Aka snow days. When it’s not winter she also loves vacuuming and mowing. “I can’t hear the kids if they yell for me…”

She loves bunnies, would jump at the chance to retreat some day to the country, and her favorite barnyard chore is… wait. She no longer desires to retreat to the country. Anywhere would be fine as long as she can listen to the Hamilton soundtrack.

A competitive soul, she’s been known to never let the kids win at anything. Especially foosball. They apparently have tournaments with brackets in the basement on occasion, and Katie and Dan are no longer allowed to be on separate teams. Something about noise complaints.

Her favorite thing about Sanctuary is you, dear readers, the people. She loves that this place feels like a family. Before Katie became the Office Manager at Sanctuary, she had a similar job at Queen Anne Wine and Spirits. Similar because people still drop in randomly to share life at unexpected moments. It is, however, also dissimilar due to the absence of booze.

When not at Sanctuary Katie can be found holding the giant stop sign as a Governor Winslow crossing guard, basking in the glow of her new under-cabinet kitchen lighting, or waiting for yet another Amazon package.

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