Judy Noyes

You might see Judy singing with the band or out delivering meals for Neighbor to Neighbor, but did you know she once took roller skating lessons? Like the kind where all the wheels aren’t in a row. In addition to loving music and occasionally gracing Ground Level with a Coldplay cover, she also loves the idea of reading even though actually picking up a book can be a challenge.

When asked what she loves about Sanctuary, Judy stared off into the distance, took a long pause, got a little flustered, and then boldly declared: “there’s just a vibe, a presence, where people are honest and deep and caring.” One of her favorite Sanctuary moments thus far has been spending time making new friends and growing deeper with her Saturday morning small group.

When she’s not busy giving back Judy can be found cleaning kids teeth or spending time at home with her family and two black labs.

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