Jacey Glass

Jacey is our fearless wrangler of Sanctuary Kids, but did you know she has ice skated with Nancy Kerrigan? Or that she teaches kickboxing at Healthtrax in Hanover? Jacey is full of surprises. Prior to becoming a “fun Cub Scout mom” Jacey was a lifeguard on the Cape Cod beaches, rowed crew, and met both her husband Elliott and former President Clinton playing trombone in the UMass band.

Now she’s the lone girl in a house of boys. She’s not a huge fan of Halloween, but is rather proud of the year she dressed up as a bag of jelly beans. She does love to play piano (sometimes with the Sanctuary band!) or go for a hike with the family. The Glass crew is great at long car trips too, rocking the alphabet and license plate games. This past summer they explored Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Niagara Falls among other adventures.

When asked what she loves about Sanctuary, her words are better than ours: "Every time I'm at Sanctuary - whether on a regular Sunday, for day camp or for any other activity, I'm constantly reminded how much good is in this world. That's my answer. And how we are all part of it. Even the kids. And that's what I want them to know and feel.”

When not teaching kids to be kind at Sanctuary, Jacey can be found hanging out around the greatest fire pit on the South Shore or prepping for Thanksgiving by cooking cornbread on the Chippewa kitchen. She really is a fun Cub Scout mom.

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