Heather Dans

This is Heather! Heather is our number one fan of Camp Calumet, music at Sanctuary, and Creative Director Sarah Huber. Actually, she competes with Larson Smith for Sarah’s number one fan but that’s for a different ‘People of Sanctuary.’ Heather also rocked the science fair in high school, loved stamping things when she worked as a bank teller, and spends every moment she can up at Calumet. In fact, she’s so dedicated to helping others have the same great camp experience she had that she was part of a team that ran 200 miles in 36 hours as part of Calumet’s “Reach the Beach” fundraiser to raise over $80,000 towards camperships.

She loves the ways Sanctuary reminds her of camp: Comfortable. A bit silly. Relaxed. And that it draws a diversity of people who are “all here for different reasons, but the right reasons.” Sunday mornings are a highlight, and you can often find her sitting front and center or greeting people at the door.

When not at Sanctuary, Heather can be found peddling the power of natural products and attempting in vain to publicly hug her preteen and teen daughters.

Join us Sundays for