Hannah Carey

Fun facts with Hannah Carey!

- She has her first loose tooth!!
- She would love a dog.
- She has a brother named Myles.
- Her favorite color is pink, but it used to be red.
- Her favorite word is “mama" (don't tell Mike).
- She loves Pudding Hill (Sarah is her favorite music teacher).
- Her favorite toy is kitty police.
- She loves to run, and is going to run the marathon someday.
- She loves to climb at the playground.
- At the time of writing she does NOT need to go potty. Sure? Yup!
- She wants to be a pilot.
- She would love to fly to Pennsylvania.
- But she’s also been to New Jersey.
- Her favorite place in Pennsylvania is Chocolate World.
- Her favorite utensil is a butter knife.
- She occasional gets in trouble for wrestling with her brother.
- But that’s ok because then they go to story/craft at the library and all is right in the world.

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