Gail Hunter

If you’ve been around Sanctuary during the week you might have wondered who that friendly face in the office window might be. Gail is that friendly face. Unless someone is borrowing her desk.

Gail is the director of Pudding Hill Preschool and has been with Pudding Hill for 25 years. This year she made the transition from teacher to fearless leader.

She loves teaching because it “gives me back more than I give” and loves having a job where 99.9% of mornings you’re excited to get up and go to work. Her favorite Pudding Hill moment would probably have to be the one of the numerous impromptu dance breaks, giggly conversations about bodily noises, or kids being very serious doing something decidedly unserious. She also loves the amazing stories kids tell about their parents when they’re not around!

A true people person, her favorite vacation isn’t centered around doing a particular thing but around the people she’s going to be with. Her best meal was in England at a French restaurant (something about a Crème Brûlée with a bird cage on top), her second best meal was Indian food in England, and her worst meal ever was English food in England. Don’t tell her British husband.

Speaking of which, as a native Texan who thought Oklahoma was a cross-cultural experience, she and her husband, Jeremy, have had quite a few sailing adventures over the years. Before they were married they crossed the Atlantic together on a 52 foot ferrocement sailboat. 23 days without land on a sizable boat was a bit of an adventure compared to her pervious experience on a Sunfish.

When not at Sanctuary or Pudding Hill, Gail can be found hanging out by a large fire or out on a walk somewhere beautiful on the South Shore.

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