Elle Baird

Meet Elle. Rider of horses. Scooper of horse poop. (Apparently those two things go together). Elle’s favorite horse is a sweet ol’ guy named Mac. A bit clumsy, but a calm and composed gentleman nonetheless. Elle's a fixture with 4-H in the cow barn at the Marshfield Fair shoveling… yup. Someone has to do it. 

She also loves drama club, subjects that begin with S (science and social studies in particular), and is fast becoming an expert trombonist. So much so that the last song she played in band was Dynamite by Taio Cruz. On the trombone. So cool. 

Elle loves Sanctuary because it’s “more fun than other churches” (hey, we’ll take it!), and after many years at Day Camp she has graduated to being an esteemed member of our Leadership Track. She’s been known to help with the science station, rock puppet shows, and generally chase after small children. 

When not at Sanctuary Elle can be found hanging out by the beach with her awesome family, rolling her eyes at her sister, or at the barn… yup. That again. 

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