Eliza McAlpine

There once was a girl named Eliza. 
She studied all day to be wiser.

Her sisters distress.
As she makes a mess. 

That one day she will be their advisor. 

Eliza loves grape popsicles, the color grey, and coloring. Her biggest coloring accomplishment to date is a realistic rendering of Elmo done with multiple shades of red. Art is also her favorite subject in school where she is currently rocking the first grade.

She loves “everything!!!” about Sanctuary, including but not limited to music, kids time, and coloring on the tables.

Her sisters added that she also “loves to talk loudly,” to which she responded that she loves her sisters but not quite as much as Lincoln (Mark and Sarah’s kitten).

When not at Sanctuary Eliza can be found digging giant holes at the beach, competing with her dog Dory for who can run around the most in a single afternoon, or generally loving life.

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