David Kaiser

Meet Dave. Dave’s dream morning consists of waking up, pouring a cup of coffee, and enjoying the fresh morning air on the deck. Dave’s typical morning is hitting the snooze button, 15 times, then proceeding to rush out the door in a haphazard fashion.

If Dave’s not running the Kaiser Taxi Service he can probably be found working on a to-do list. A perpetual do-it-yourself guy, his greatest DIY success was cutting and installing granite and soapstone countertops. His most spectacular Pinterest fail was attempting to install a pot rack on New Years Eve and cutting through a pipe in the ceiling. With three kids under five. Did I mention it was New Years Eve? Meanwhile, during his effort to get a plumber on the phone the kids throughly enjoyed their new indoor sprinkler.

Dave and his wife Kristin have three kids. Noah, who is now pursuing the professional soccer career Dave always longed to pursue. Olivia, who is heading off to college with Dave’s hard-learned advice: “spend more time studying than learning how to juggle.” And Nathanial, who up until the beginning of his teenage years has been incredibly good-natured. For some reason he was crossing his fingers when he said that. Kristin “makes everything more enjoyable, better, and nicer”… and helps populate the to-do lists.

His favorite thing about Sanctuary is how it’s welcoming and comfortable for people with children. His favorite Sanctuary moment is when his friend Benn came to a grill night and whispered to him “is everyone always really this happy?” His most harrowing Sanctuary moment is unable to be retold here so as to not spook our insurance company.

When not at Sanctuary Dave can be found watching a hole as a sheriff’s deputy (protecting construction workers on the side of the road), at a soccer game or art show, or endlessly browsing Craigslist.

Photo credit: David Kaiser © 2017 (This is what you get for stealing my phone Dave…)

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