Dave Harrington

Meet Dave. Climber of trees. Grower of plants. General consultant on life. 

Dave was born in Marshfield in 1949, grew up in the North Marshfield Post Office, and aside from a few adventures he’s lived here ever since. An arborist for 38 years, Dave finished a two year stint with the Marine Corp in Vietnam, took his GI Bill benefits to U Mass Amherst, and has been enamored with the science of trees ever since. 

He met his wife, Nancy, on a blind date. She was smitten and he was clueless. They were married six months later, and 36 years later they’re both smitten and he’s still clueless. 

He loves to hunt and cycle. Not at the same time. You might see Dave riding his hybrid bike on the eight mile course he does daily. He also makes a mean venison. 

A constant giver, Dave helps keep up South River Park, is on the board the of the Daniel Webster Estate, and seems to get roped into every crazy project Pastor Mark dreams up. 

His favorite color is blue, favorite food is ribeye steak, and one of the craziest thing he’s ever done was stand on a bunk bed, in a hurricane, removing a pine tree from a kid’s bedroom. 

His favorite thing about Sanctuary is the people. After volunteering at Day Camp for a couple years he loves that too. He thinks we’re all nuts, but he loves it. Also, make sure you ask him sometime about the wedding he was invited to on our 2016 Guatemala service trip. 

When not at Sanctuary, you can find Dave cycling, motoring, walking, and generally driving Nancy crazy.

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