CREATE Creating Sacred Space

At our core we are a community seeking to create safe, sacred space where people are able to explore faith.


CONNECT Connecting to God

Through worship, small groups, service and reflection we strive to connect to God's vision for our lives and the world.


RESPOND Responding Together

God is already at work in the world and we continually strive to join God in that work: loving our neighbors, living generously, and longing for peace and justice for all.

  • The Fence
  • The Fence

    At Sanctuary, "The Fence" is our way of defining safe, sacred space where people are free to explore their faith. We remind ourselves with each board what surrounds and defines us as a community, while giving thanks to God for gifting us with the beautiful openness that lies in the middle.

  • Err on the Side of Love

    At the heart of God’s story is love. It was love that created a beautiful world that was good, love that redeemed the goodness of creation despite our sometimes violent rejection, and love that continues to inform and carry us as we try to understand our purpose in the world. Because of the clarity of that narrative, we err on the side of love. When presented with a choice between listening and a lecture, we choose to listen. When given an opportunity to give or take, we give. And when wrestling with the most contentious issue or deeply held conviction, we remember that we have been made to love others, value our own worth, and most of all love God.


    Matthew 22:34-40 Romans 13:8-10

  • We Know True Love Through Jesus

    Love is an ambiguous concept. It can be mushy, a cliché, or shallow. As Christians, however, we look to the perfect example of true love: love seen and experienced by our fore-runners in the faith through the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is not love that sends a card from a distance; this is love that dwells among us. The love seen in Jesus is not afraid live in the midst of the messiness of the world, to encounter brokenness, or to allow us to express our deepest desires for violence and vengeance. Even though there is a part of us willing to drive Jesus to his death, it is a love that cannot be crushed, that will not be killed. It is a love that grows up out of those dark depths to blossom ever more fully.


    John 3:16 Romans 5:6-11

  • We Know Jesus Through Scripture

    We know of Jesus’ love, of God’s relationship to the world, through scripture. The Bible is the written Word of God, and is central to Christian faith. It is the stories, poems, letters, and history of God’s people, and it is in those books and writings that God’s intentions and promises are revealed. It is an ongoing dialogue between God and God’s people, and ultimately invites us to see where we too have been made to have a relationship with God both individually and as a community.


    2 Timothy 3:14-17

  • God's Spirit is Still Active in the World

    God didn’t create the world and walk away. From the very beginning, as Jesus’ disciples began to become the church, they experienced God’s continued connection in their lives in both tangible and mysterious ways. They knew that Jesus didn’t come to set things right, dust off his hands, and walk away. They experienced Jesus’ continued presence even after what seemed like the end. What began with Jesus’ life after death has continued through the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, that still moves through our minds and lives, drawing us ever closer to the world as God intends it.


    Acts 2:1-12 Psalm 139

  • God's Grace is Overwhelming and Complete

    One of the hardest struggles we face in life is giving credit where credit is due. This can mean claiming too much personal credit for collaborative efforts, or undervaluing our own worth by discounting the real contributions we make. What we’ve seen, however, through Jesus is God’s willingness to be with us, to suffer the whims of our condemnation and our best efforts to separate ourselves from that relationship and yet still remain. That is God’s grace. It is not understandable. It has no corollary. Despite our efforts to make comparisons to the love of a parent or our commitments to family, those things don’t even come close. Parents and families can sometimes disappoint, but God’s grace is ever present and never diminished. For this God deserves full credit for sustaining that relationship, and we are moved to give thanks in whatever ways we can.


    John 1:14-18 Ephesians 2:4-10

  • Openness and Diversity Draw Us Closer to God

    We live in a time where it’s popular, and far too easy, to self-associate with like minded people. It’s ever-tempting to find a comfortable group, blog, news channel, etc. and settle into a glorious feedback loop of exactly what we want to hear. But God is bigger than our opinions. God is far more profound than “right” and “wrong”. To appreciate that means actively working to include people in the conversation who might not naturally be included. It also means creating a culture where openness is valued, not repressed; where questions can be engaged, not dismissed. We are a denominationally diverse church, collaborating across our historic divisions with the realization that God is doing something larger in our midst.


    Matthew 7:7-11 Matthew 11:28-30

  • We Exist for the Work of God in the World

    What enables us to focus in life, to embrace our skills and careers and live out our passions with conviction of purpose, is the belief that we have all been created and gifted by God. Those gifts don’t stand in isolation, but are an integral part of the work God is already doing in our community and in the world. We are invited to understand our gifts, look for where God is active, and discern how we can combine our passions and skills with the needs of the world. Ultimately this allows us to experience the joy of what God is pulling together in our midst.


    John 6:26-29 Matthew 25:35-40

Why a fence?

Fences help define boundaries. They create a safe space for kids to play in the front lawn. They draw a line for pets that shows them where it’s safe to roam, and we construct them around areas that we care for and about. We’ve joined with centuries of Christians before us in defining what safe sacred space looks like in light of all we know about God as seen through Jesus’ life. “The Fence” is our way of setting aside and protecting that space where people are able to explore, grow, or wrestle with faith with honesty, openness, and trust.

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