What to expect at Sanctuary.



Children Aren't Just Welcome, They Are Embraced!

We get it. Sometimes you go to a church for the first time and realize it’s a lot like fine dining. Quiet. Refined. Sanctuary is a bit more like a family picnic. We have kids, they act like kids, and that’s expected and embraced. In fact, Sunday mornings are intentionally geared to be engaging for all ages, and during all our worship services we have coloring tables and room to move so kids can feel comfortable and parents are able to relax.



We’re Not All Alike

Although there are a few things people around Sanctuary generally share in common, we’re also a pretty diverse bunch. Liberal. Conservative. Lifelong church goers. Spiritual wanderers. We believe God has pulled us together because of our differing perspectives, not in spite of them.



Come As You Are

You will find people in fancy clothes and others in tee shirts and jeans. Just come. We don’t care what you’re wearing.



Worship is Centered in Scripture

At the end of the day we exist to love God and love others. And we know true love through Jesus. Who we know through the Bible. Which is why scripture is the center of our worship together each week. Some of us read a daily devotional. Others aren’t quite sure if they even own a Bible. Wherever you are, know that scripture is our starting place for exploring what God is doing in the world,and that we are all trying to make sense of its fullness and beauty each and every week.



We Gather Gifts and Prayers

Part of our services on Sundays includes a time where we invite people share prayers and offering. If you’re new to Sanctuary or either one of those practices, no pressure! Feel free to just soak it all in.



People Will Probably Say "Hi"

We'll be honest, it's hard to slip in and out of worship at Sanctuary unnoticed. We're a friendly bunch, and with people shifting between three services each week it's never the same group twice. We're constantly making new friends or reacquainting with old, so never fear if someone reaches out to learn your name!



All Are Welcome

We have communion every Sunday and everyone is welcome. If you don’t feel ready to participate, don’t sweat it. Just know you are invited!



We Like Music

If scripture is the center of our worship, music is the glue that holds everything together. Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of skill or experience. We have lots of musicians to support the effort, and even write some new music when we're feeling especially inspired.

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