Cecelia McAlpine

Meet Cece. She just finished her last year at Governor Winslow and is moving on to Middle School! That said, she’s sad to be leaving GWS. From the 5th Grade class picture and getting to know everyone to her amazing class and teacher, the advent of summer is a bit bittersweet. She’s also already started on her summer reading!

When not in school she loves to swim, go to the beach, and do lots of fun camps. This year, in addition to Sanctuary Day Camp, she’s going to sailing and archery camp too! Those are two different camps.

Other summer activities include bouncing on the trampoline, perfecting the ever elusive flip, and occasionally helping cook such family favorites as pasta and eggs.

Two family vacations stick out more than most - Martha’s Vineyard and Disney World. Martha’a Vineyard was awesome because all the cousins came and they got to bike around. We won’t mention the great bike rack catastrophe on route 3… suffice it to say all the family bikes were still safely hidden behind the guardrail when they came back from vacation, albeit rather mangled. Disney World was less catastrophic, though an important lesson was learned about ignoring your parent’s advice when your dad says “let’s get in the ‘extreme’ line at Mission Space because it’s shorter”!

Cece’s favorite color is purple, favorite number is 35, and she has no idea what she’s going to be doing when she’s actually 35.

She loves how everyone at Sanctuary is so friendly and everyone knows everyone else. She also said “it’s like a second home because we’re there half the time…”.

When not at Sanctuary Cece can be found doing homework, playing Wii, or swimming.

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