Andy Solari

Meet Andy. Or Andrew Michael if he’s in trouble.

Music lover turned musician, his very first album was “One” by Three Dog Night. If stranded on a desert island with only one album to listen to on eternal repeat he would go with “Mule Variations” by Tom Waits. No word from his family if his constant playing of Tom Waits is the reason he was stranded on the desert island.

He started studying guitar last year with Sarah, and is currently picking away at Mrs. Robinson. No word from his music teacher as to whether he’s more a Simon or a Garfunkel. If he could magically be a virtuoso on any instrument he would pick up the Hammond B3 organ.

Prior to exploring his musical talent Andy used to fish a lot. The best fish story he could tell was about a 6 lb 9 ounce bass, and that’s after a couple decades of telling the tale.

His favorite family tradition is Christmas Eve. Rumor has it the police have occasionally been invited to check in our their robust celebration of our Lord’s birth. He can neither confirm nor deny.

Andy met his wonderful wife, Beth, at the Ranch House and they fell in love selling sear sucker suits together at Sears. Speaking of suits, ask him to dust off his dusty rose ensemble sometime. He’s also been known to wear clothing with puffy sleeves.

A consummate do-it-yourselfer, he loves working on some finish carpentry in his spare time. His biggest DIY success was their recently refinished basement, and even though he constantly thinks about doing it over again their screen porch is the most popular outdoor venue on Calypso Lane. Not one to reserve his talents for himself, Andy was instrumental in building the last Habitat for Humanity house on Beach Street as well as participating with several other Marshfield builds.

His favorite Sanctuary moment was our first Easter service, when all 10 people gathered together listened to Pastor Mark’s “delusional speech” about one day filling up this space with goodness and people. [Editors note: we prefer “optimistic” or “inspirational”…] He loves the outreach to the community, and that you never know what is coming next.

If not at Sanctuary, you can probably find Andy practicing guitar or sitting on the screen porch listening to Tom.

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