Adam Norcott

Adam is probably best known by the kids of Sanctuary for engaging their parents in long conversations when they were just about to leave. A jack of many trades (he doesn’t do plumbing, don’t ask), Adam is often neck deep in some ridiculous project of Pastor Mark’s conjuring.

When asked what’s the most significant thing that’s happened in his life so far, he said “my family” before the question was even finished. And then quickly followed, “it’s corny but it’s true”. He might have even teared up a little.

Speaking of which, the frequent measure of whether a Sunday sermon hits home any given week is whether Adam tears up. Just this morning he was listening to a story about a random Georgia senator fighting for the little guy and… yup.

He finds happiness in little things people do for one another. Never the big things, always the little things. Hearing and seeing people share their lives and gifts with each other always brings a… yeah.

His favorite thing about Sanctuary is that kids are comfortable, safe, and able to be themselves.

When not shedding tears of joy, Adam has been known to jump out of the occasional plane, hang out in theaters you could land a plane in, or keep trying to hone his skills as a not-so-master brick layer (he once made a chimney that looked like a blooming onion).

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